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15 Aug

Best Loose References for Biking, Cycling & Walking Trip in Yangshuo

Walking Trip in Yangshuo – Amidst the numerous big cities across the China, there is a breath of rural fresh air in a small town called Yangshuo. The town is practically noise free and has minimum level of traffic and pollution – a major problem in urban roadways.

By Chinese standards, Yangshuo has low density and is clean so you don’t have to suffer from the chaos that commonly found in metropolis areas. The town is definitely a nice place to stop by and unwind yourself. You can also explore the countryside by biking, cycling & walking trip in Yangshuo.

Cycling is probably the best way to explore Yangshuo economically. There are plenty of places where you could rent bike to cycle around with your travel partners and roam the countryside, riverbanks, and hills.

Best Loose References for Biking, Cycling & Walking Trip in Yangshuo

It is such a simple experience yet memorable. Make sure you rent your bikes on trusted place, choose what bikes you want to rent carefully to suit you the best. It is also better to consider condition of the route. You may come across challenging track so you have to find a good bike that could make the trip comfortable.

Travel the town on slower pace with walking trip in Yangshuo

The vacationers who stay at The Zen Garden Resort, will be able to bike and cycle through the natural and lush countryside of Yangshuo by using the provided complimentary bikes. There are also helpful guides available that will lead you to the most beautiful roads, with different checkpoints and pictures on the map.

If you want to travel the town on slower pace and cannot decide between biking, cycling & walking trip in Yangshuo, might as well choose to go on your own feet. It brings you the side of town that only known by locals and farmers.

Yangshuo provides a lot of beautiful and safe hiking trails that connect various landmarks and spots such as Shi Ban Qiao the farmers’ village, Yangshuo iconic symbol, and 800 years old Dragon Bridge.