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15 Jul

Brief Guide to Go Biking, Cycling & Walking Trip in Yangshuo

Walking Trip in Yangshuo – In the midst of Guilin City’s pristine surroundings, lies the most popular attraction on the region with wondrous scenery that guaranteed to steal your breath away. Yangshuo is a county that gives example of captivating views that combines and present splendors in countless ways possible.

Biking, cycling & walking trip in Yangshuo, you can choose

From drifting the Yulong River, rock climbing on karst mountain, to just simply biking, cycling & walking trip in Yangshuo, you can choose to be as relaxed to as active as possible.

Yangshuo caters the needs of every cyclist types and non-cyclist. Even for beginner or someone who has not touch a bike for so long, there is flat, short, zero trafficked and scenic route available.

For the road biker who loves challenge, there are defying, long routes on the hills with magnificent natural sight that would be lovely for everyone to see. So does it with mountain biking enthusiasts, there are plenty of trails through the rough mountain roads and rice fields.

Brief Guide to Go Walking Trip in Yangshuo

Similarly, if you choose to set the exploration on your two feet, you’d get to experience the astonishing natural beauty of Yangshuo. Aside from biking, cycling & walking trip in Yangshuo, there is also hiking option. It is very convenient to solely walk or hike in Yangshuo.

There are some popular trails in Yangshuo and all the way to its neighboring town Xingping without having to take bus first. Majority of the best trails are still preserved in rural dirt road forms.

If you’ve ever visited the county or are currently planning to do, do not hesitate to exploring the area by biking, cycling & walking trip in Yangshuo. Just make sure that you got your route and know how to get back. By wandering through the villages, farm lands, and the karst mountains you’d be able to experience amazing things with such a stunning background that unlike anywhere else.