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5 Jun

Fascinating Experience of Li-River Rafting & Kayaking Yangshuo

Li-River Rafting & Kayaking Yangshuo – Yangshuo is rich of numerous scenic and visually-pleasing spots; most are centered on the Li-River. The river flows through Guilin, Yangshuo and Pingle region as long as 437 km. Some of the most attractive and popular features are The Yulong, Xiangui, and Fuli Bridges, as well as the Guiyi County’s Ruins that existed since the era of Tang Dynasty. Amongst various fun, challenging, and iconic activities available through the length of the river, is the Li-River rafting & kayaking Yangshuo.

Fascinating Experience of Li-River Rafting & Kayaking Yangshuo

You can get your hand to experience Li-River rafting Yangshuo with an easy access. The bamboo rafting provides journey through the magnificent painting-like landscape and sense the authentic and natural feeling that is very much unlike anything you found on city crowds.

Not only you’d be able to see the gist of stunning natural scene, you could discover dozens of old stone bridges, unique watermills, and ancient villages. The rafting trip will bring you to the world of valuable and enjoyable heritage.
Meanwhile, if you prefer kayaking, it will not disappoint you either. Far from it, you’d be impressed by the varying degrees of this particular activity that offered by Yangshuo. You may choose exciting exercise to leisure experience with different sensation for each type.

Access to Li-River rafting & kayaking Yangshuo

Therefore, you do not need to worry even if you have never done kayaking before. There is always a guide available to give you some guidance and explanations. Or else as alternatives, you can just choose to float calmly above the quiet waterflow to appreciate the scenery on the kayak.

For the guests of The Zen Garden resort, Li-River rafting & kayaking Yangshuo can be accessed by an hour of private taxi rides. There is also a special package offered of rafting, sightseeing of traditional fisherman along the river, and trip through the Old Street in way back to the resort.