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27 May

Cooking Class for Tangyuan Fun in Yanghsuo China

Tangyuan Fun is one of the best desserts you can find in Yangshuo, China. This dish is not only available in Yangshuo, but also in the entire China. The dessert is basically a sweet dumpling.

It is made out of glutinous rice flour and shaped like a small ball. The center filling is made out of numerous ingredients and variation with black sesame filling as the most common one. The dumpling balls are served with warm broth made out of ginger and some other ingredients.

Cooking Class for Tangyuan Fun in Yanghsuo China

Cooking Class for Tangyuan Fun in Yanghsuo China

The dessert is warm and comforting. The dumpling balls are chewy and decadent. That is why everyone loves the dish. Tangyuan Fun is often served as a mandatory dish during special occasion such as the Lunar New Year or the lantern festival in Yangshuo. For those who want to try the dish, there are a lot of places in Yangshuo for you to visit and they will bring you their best sweet dumpling dish.

Tangyuan Fun cooking class in Yangshuo

In Yangshuo, you can also take cooking class and learn how to make the dish. There are a lot of experts when it comes to sweet dumpling making here in Yangshuo.

You can visit them and then see how they make the dish. After that, you can try making the dish on your own. Eventually, when the sweet dumpling dish is served, you will be able to eat them together. It is such a fun and unforgettable experience that everyone simply won’t miss.

This is why when you are visiting Yangshuo and have the goal of trying their unique dishes, the sweet dumpling balls should be added to the list. The dish is truly a traditional and authentic dessert from the area that you won’t find anywhere else. Try the dish and learn how to make it by taking Tangyuan Fun cooking class in Yangshuo.