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1 Sep

Creating Beautiful Glowing Lotus Lanterns in Zen Garden

Creating Beautiful Glowing Lotus Lanterns in Zen Garden – Chinese cultural heritages become interesting things to learn. There are many great arts and other traditions that can always make people interested to know and even try. If you are also one of these people who have interest in Chinese cultures and want to know more,

Yangshuo Zen Garden is the perfect destination to go. This is a nice resort that provides many kinds of interesting activities related to the Chinese culture and tradition. The resort is located in the Guangxi Province, and this has perfect location to enjoy your special holiday. In this resort, you may learn how to make Glowing Lotus and other new things about the traditional arts in China.

Glowing Lotus are only one of great things

This is perfect resort to spend your great holiday. The activities of those heritages, such as making Glowing Lotus are only one of great things. There are still other magnificent things to find. For example, the location is very perfect for you who look for peaceful place to get relaxed and refreshed.

Creating Beautiful Glowing Lotus Lanterns in Zen Garden

You will be fully refreshed since this is located in countryside. Then, the resort is surrounded by natural mountain of Yangshuo and some hills. Even, some of them are still covered by fogs, so it is surely very attractive place where nature gives protections and fresh environment.

In this case, the activity of creating the lotus is one of attractive things to do. This is actually an activity to make a special lantern to be placed in the pond. These kinds of lanterns are very unique and Chinese people often make these crafts for preparing some special ceremonies or events.

The lanterns are made in a form of lotus. It is a beautiful form, and it will look colorful since there are many colors of paper or fabric to use in making the lanterns. The activity is also perfect for kids. It is good chance when you bring your kids and family in the holiday. You are able to reserve and contact the management of resort in order to book the spot in the activity. Besides Glowing Lotus, other great activities can be found, so you can know better about the Chinese traditional arts and cultures.