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25 Jul

Dumpling Holic in Yangshuo to Learn in Dumpling Making

Dumpling Holic in Yangshuo to Learn the Southern Way in Dumpling Making – Even if you are not living in China, it is likely that you have tasted Chinese dumpling before. This staple has become so popular worldwide due to its taste and lightness. It would be a shame not to visit the home country to get an authentic taste. Yangshuo, a small town in the south, invites people from all around the globe to join Dumpling Holic class. This class will teach visitors everything to know about making dumpling from scratch.

First of all, the characteristics of dumpling wrapper from southern part of China are that it is made of rice flour instead of the usual flour. There is a historical reason for that, mainly because wheat was not commonly grown and eaten in the area. Because of that, southern dumpling has lighter wrapper.

Class participants would learn to make this special wrapper using simple ingredients by employing method used by traditional southern Chinese families.

Dumpling Holic class is the process of making filling

The second part of Dumpling Holic class is the process of making filling. This region has wide range of dumpling filling varieties, including leek, mushroom, fish, and cabbage. Each filling represents different meaning. Leek filling is usually added to dumpling for a wish of wealth that lasts long.

Dumpling Holic in Yangshuo to Learn in Dumpling Making

Mushroom also represents wealth with added wish for luck. Likewise, fish filling also represents abundant wealth. Meanwhile, cabbage filling (the most popular one) means a well-off state of life.

The third part of this cooking class is folding dumplings. Many people struggle with this, even with the simplest folding method: half-moon shape. Despite that, this part is quite hilarious. Seeing fellow tourists who have never folded dumplings in their lives trying to recreate the traditional shape is fun. The next part of Dumpling Holic class is no less fun. It is to cook the dumplings by steaming them which is common method in the region. Lastly, you would be able to taste the handmade dumplings with special dipping.