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25 Jun

Glowing Lotus as Popular Chinese Art

Glowing Lotus as Popular Chinese Art – As one of countries with the oldest civilizations and longest cultural histories, China is a really amazing country which has been famous worldwide. Many incredible Chinese histories attract people’s curiosity of getting known about its culture and art that’s focused on softness, peaceful movements and thoughts.

Besides, many heavenly natural sceneries and building architectures are available in China. They are still preserved in their originated historical design. One of the most popular local arts is glowing lotus.

Glowing lotus is ancient Chinese art

Glowing lotus is ancient Chinese art to let people create their own lanterns shaped in lotus flower made by paper. Then, you can put them floating on the pond. Lotus is one of the most important flowers in Chinese culture, especially related to the Buddhist culture.

There are many cultural and religious histories regarding the concept of lotus and related to the beauty and pureness. If you want to participate in creating your own paper-made lotus lantern as the famous Chinese art, you can enjoy this great activity at Yangshuo Zen Garden Resort.

Glowing Lotus as Popular Chinese Art

Glowing Lotus as Popular Chinese Art

At this famous resort located at Jiwodu Village of Yangshuo County China, the beauty of nature sceneries can be perfectly enjoyed through peaceful countryside lifestyle. There are many original Chinese cultures, arts, and traditions you can figure out here, including the activity to make glowing lantern.

Take your kids to participate in this glowing lotus activity. It is surely a great idea to teach them about traditional Chinese art. They will be happy to be acknowledged about how to make glowing lantern in lotus shape and put it on beautiful Chinese styled pond.

This activity is also good to enhance both kids and adults’ creativity at the same time. To be a participant of this awesome art activity, you can check out yourself the event schedule to match your available time to take a part of the event.