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20 Mar

Explore Yangshuo, a Beautiful County in Southern China

Explore Yangshuo, a Beautiful County in Southern China – Some people may never have heard of Yangshuo, a small county within Guilin. It is located in the southern part of China. Despite that, this county is in fact quite renowned among tourists who enjoy outdoor activities because it has really beautiful natural scene.

To explore Yangshuo from the start, tourists are usually attracted to the Li River. This river can be accessed from Guilin by travelling from the main city to Yangshuo with yacht. It might be a rather expensive mode of transportation, but tourists can definitely enjoy the mountainous view alongside this river.

Explore Yangshuo, a Beautiful County in Southern China-min

Explore Yangshuo, a Beautiful County in Southern China-min

Between Guilin and this county, there is an ancient village in the middle of Li River named Xing Ping. The village has been remodeled by the government to include restaurants that serve the region’s traditional food and small shops. Tourist can spend time in the village after trip with yacht or accessing it with bus.

Cycling around the river explore Yangshuo

Cycling around the river is also a favorite activity among tourists. The cost of bike rental is quite cheap. It is a healthy way to explore Yangshuo famous river. In addition, the air of this county is still fresh and mostly untainted. That would help tourists getting rejuvenated.

As a mountainous county, it is not a wonder that people’s favorite activities to do while in the region would be related to its geographical structure. Tourists love to hike mountains such as TV Tower because they are easier to hike and can provide vantage point of view of this beautiful county. The other popular mountain for hiking is Xianggong Shan that overlooks the gorgeous Li River.

To explore Yangshuo completely, one should not forget to go to Long Sheng which the rice farm terraces in farming villages of the county. The view is magnificent. Besides served by hampers of gorgeous rice paddies, the tourists can also enjoy the traditional farming village culture that’s still maintained well.