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15 Apr

Glowing Lotus for Exciting Activity

Glowing Lotus for Exciting Activity – The Zen Garden Yangshuo provides interesting activities for visitors. One of them is Glowing Lotus from paper. You do not have to worry about this option because everything is already prepared, including the instructors and paper. You will make traditional art of lotus flower. After this art is completed, you can place it in pond and watch it sail away while glowing. Of course, you can do this at night.

This activity seems like trivial thing that children make at art class. Most people visit this resort for relaxing and enjoying the nature life. That’s not enough if you do not learn about culture and history. When visiting new place, there is more than what you see directly in the eyes.

Glowing Lotus for Exciting Activity

Glowing Lotus for Exciting Activity

This resort is the right example why people like staying more nights there. The river, mountain, and rocks are at surroundings. You can do rock climbing, kayaking, rafting, walking trip, and cycling as well. Those are the physical activities for exploring the Zen Garden Yangshuo.

Glowing Lotus program

On the other hand, you should try Glowing Lotus program. This kind of activity is different from previous one. You just sit in class and follow the instruction on how to make Lotus from paper. At first glance, it seems like art class using paper as material. If you do not have experience in this crafting,

Lotus form is quite complex and challenging. This is why you should try and feel excited while creating the best craft based on your skill. You do not have to worry about instruction and guide. This place has proper teacher to ensure you can get excellent form of Lotus.

The program is not just making Lotus. You can add something that makes your art turns into Glowing Lotus. That’s the main purpose of this activity. Just enjoy beautiful lotus with glowing light. This is something you only get in the Zen Garden Yangshuo.