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31 Jul

Glowing Lotus Paper Craft: Its History and Where to Find Them

Glowing lotus is something that you will encounter during the lantern festival in Yangshuo, China. It is not actually a lotus or something like that. Instead, it is a paper craft. Essentially, the lotus is made out of paper and it is actually a lantern in the shape of lotus flower. The middle of the lantern is hollow so that you can place a candle in it and lit it up.

The history of this type of lantern is drawn way back in ancient China. Lotus is always a sacred plant in the region because it has deep connection to the gods up there.

Lotus is also believed to be very enchanting and having them floating around the Li River is considered as a sign of good luck. This is the reason why people in the Yangshuo area will try to make lantern in the shape lotus flower.

Glowing Lotus Paper Craft Its History and Where to Find Them

The infamous glowing lotus lantern

They try to imitate the flower so that eventually they can let the lantern go in Li River for good luck. There are a lot of places in the entire Yangshuo to offer paper craft class for tourists.

Here, they can learn about making unique crafts out of paper, including the infamous glowing lotus lantern. If you are staying in a resort, there will be tours offered for you and one of the destinations is probably to visit paper craft class.

You will have a lot of good experiences going on here as the tutors can teach you about making the lotus craft and the result is going to be given to you. You can bring the lantern home or try to lit the candle and let the lantern go on Li River, like most Chinese do during the lantern festival. Go ask the manager in the resort of hotel about this glowing lotus paper craft and they will surely take you there.