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21 Aug

Join Celebration of the Grand Chinese New Year Activity in Yangshuo

Join Celebration of the Grand Chinese New Year Activity in Yangshuo – New Year in China is more commonly referred as Lunar New Year or The Spring Festival. It is considered as the most important festival in the country. Chinese New Year is determined by lunar calendar, the date falls between January 21 and February 20 by Gregorian calendar.

Given that it was set as an official public holiday for a week it is typically celebrated between family and extended members by doing various types of typical Chinese New Year activity.

The Chinese New Year is celebrated widely throughout the country as Spring Festival, despite the fact that most regions would still be in winter season during the date, because it marks the beginning of spring season and the end of winter.

Join Celebration of the Grand Chinese New Year Activity in Yangshuo

Chinese have their own Beginning of Spring day or Lichun, which contains first of the 24 solar terms. It brands the lunar calendar’s New Year and represents wishes for new life.

Plenty kinds Chinese New Year activity

There are plenty kinds Chinese New Year activity that can easily be spotted throughout the country. Some of them are eating dinner and gathering together with family members on New Year’s Eve, lighting fireworks and firecrackers, putting up New Year’s signature decorations, and giving gifts and money inside red envelops.

There are also plenty of public celebrations in a lot of city across China for the special holiday. Various traditional performances include emperor’s wedding imperial performances, dragon and lion dances, and many more. You can find many traditional Chinese products and Chinese snacks as well.

If you’re currently planning to celebrate Chinese New Year activity in Yangshuo, Guilin, then Zen Garden Resort would be perfect to enjoy with your whole family. You can experience the charming Chinese-style New Year, local culture, or choose to go out to interact with Chinese people as the festive day is one of the best times of the year.