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3 May

Lantern Festival in Yangshuo China

Lantern Festival in Yangshuo China – Yangshuo has a lot of festivals to celebrate every year. One of them is a lantern festival called Yuan Xiao Jie. This is a massive festival that everyone will have to see, especially the foreign tourists as it is so amazing to see thousands of lantern being lit all night long. Lantern won’t be the only thing to see in this festival.

There will be firework displays, too. Besides of that, the spectators will be entertained by classic Chinese festival dances such as the dragon dances and the infamous lion dances.

This festival is celebrated annually. It is usually celebrated in the mid of January. When you are attending the festival, there will be massive crowds there and street vendors will be there, too. You can buy street foods, souvenirs and a lot of other things.

The lantern festival in Yangshuo is celebrated all night long

The lantern festival in Yangshuo is celebrated all night long with people letting the lanterns go in the Li River flows as the end of it. This festival has been celebrated by people in Yangshuo for centuries.

It is believed that the origin of this unique festival is way back in the Han dynasty. Back then, ancient people would make the lantern to keep the evil spirit away and they would serve foods and stuff to the fairies and gods to keep them safe.

Lantern Festival in Yangshuo China

If you are interested in attending this kind of festival, make sure you do know what to expect. You will have to deal with massive crowd as a festival like this draws numerous people to attend.

Also, you need to bring your own supply. Bring bottled water and your own snack just in case you do not get a chance to buy something to eat at the street vendors due to the crowd. When you come prepared, watching lantern festival in Yangshuo China will be so much fun indeed.