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11 Sep

Li-River Rafting & Kayaking Yangshuo

Li-river rafting & kayaking Yangshuo  – If you are looking for something different for your holiday, Yangshuo Zen Garden is perfect destination to go. This is actually resort in China, specifically in Guangxi Province. Although it is a resort, the place is quite different from other places. Instead of providing comfortable rooms with completely luxurious facility, you will have different experience.

The resort does not want you to stay in the room, but it wants you to explore and gain many valuable memories and experiences. That’s why the resort provides many activities. Among the list of things to do, Li-river rafting & kayaking Yangshuo becomes one of the popular options. This will show the nice adventure in enjoying beauty of Yangshuo landscape.

Li-River Rafting & Kayaking Yangshuo

It is true that Yangshuo Zen Garden has many activities for guests. Some of them require you to leave the resort and go to certain destinations outside the resort. However, there are some activities that can be done in the Zen Garden. There will be no boring vibes since the resort itself is truly a garden with fresh air and nice features of nature.

Li-river rafting & kayaking Yangshuo with Majestic view

It is surrounded by the mountain and hills. Some of them are even quite invisible since they are covered by fogs. This rich nature will surely make you enjoy the holiday. Related to Li-river rafting & kayaking Yangshuo, this is nice activity and will make you explore totally new area.

Moreover, Li River is in Xing Ping town. It is around an hour by taxi. However, you do not need to worry about anything since there is guide to accompany and help you. In the river, one of special attractions is to ride floating bamboo raft and explore the view. There are karst mountains along the river that becomes the best panoramic view in the area.

After enjoying the breathtaking view, you can get chance to see the Cormorant fishermen. They are the native people who have well-known fishing tradition. These adventures of Li-river rafting & kayaking Yangshuo are surely great to enjoy.