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17 Apr

Nice Activity of Creating Chinese Calligraphy Writing

 Chinese Calligraphy Writing – China has many great traditions and culture. Most of them are the heritages from the ancestors and these are still preserved and continued until now. Some of these cultures are quite popular, and people know them from watching Chinese movies and reading many Chinese literatures.

One of these popular cultures is related to the art called the Chinese calligraphy. Calligraphy is not only found in Chinese culture. Many foreign cultures also have it. There is always something special about it that’s also only found in Chinese Calligraphy writing. This surely can give different experiences for those who want to make the art.

In Chinese calligraphy, it is actually made of some words in the Chinese language. Even, single word can be so meaningful in the calligraphy. The stroke of ink on paper and the way to write the word can show the deep meaning. Even, it shows certain values of life contained and delivered by the word.

Art of Chinese Calligraphy Writing

That’s why it is kind of special art in the Chinese calligraphy. The arts are usually made by great artists after certain meditation, so it is possible to get the deepest meaning of life in every stroke of ink. Related to this beautiful art, of course it will be great to have the experience of trying and making the Chinese Calligraphy writing.


For those who want learn and practice the Chinese Calligraphy, the Yangshuo Zen Garden is the best resort to go. This resort provides many kinds of facilities and awesome activities to do. Some of them are related to the Chinese culture and traditions. Therefore, there is activity of writing calligraphy.

People can learn it from the artists and experts in this field. They can also directly get the paper, ink, and brush to learn how to create the art. This will become the nice experience since the tourists will draw the Chinese Calligraphy writing with the background of great Yangshuo Mountain.