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9 May

Pursuing Wellbeing through the Secret Buddha Tour

The Secret Buddha Tour – Hectic routine and frenetic life can be the toxic that’s poisoning your mind, influencing you to forget what the real goals you want to achieve in life. Back to nature and be a part of it, sometimes can be the best way to help you get a peaceful mind back. There are various outdoor activities to do during holiday, in order to enjoy the beauty of nature actually. Joining the Secret Buddha Tour can be the most recommended one to concern.

The Secret Buddha Tour is actually not just a tour.

The Secret Buddha Tour is actually not just a tour. It is more alike to such retreat vacation tour that can be very helpful for people worldwide who want to make peace with themselves to get their peaceful mind. It is also a way for detoxing the weary mind through being a part of nature.

The tour is taken place in Zen Garden Resort Yangshuo, Guilin City – Guangxi Province, China. Natural sceneries you can enjoy during the tour will release your tired mind and body through getting known about the greatness of nature and how small human being is comparing to it.

Pursuing Wellbeing through the Secret Buddha Tour

Moreover, you are able to see the beauty of ancient path of China and figure out the hidden temple. It is amazingly located under the mountain by nature. The tour will lead you to reveal the secret of historical Chinese culture on how it leads people to have a balanced life through peaceful and joyful mind.

Besides the Secret Buddha Tour, there are various relaxing outdoor activities you can do in the middle of heavenly natural sceneries in Yangshuo Zen Garden Resort, such as walking trip, biking, yoga and Taichi, zen tea culture tour, and many others. You can check the temperature and weather chart to choose and decide by your own about when will be the best time to go to Zen Garden Resort.