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5 Apr

Share the Warmth with Family on Chinese New Year Activity

Chinese New Year activity in Yangshuo – Every Chinese knows that Chinese Lunar New Year is the most important occasion in Chinese culture. It is celebrated together with the whole family members. If you plan to share the fortune and warmth with your family, there are so many great options of Chinese New Year activity in Yangshuo. Therefore, this occasion is not only appropriate for Chinese, but also for everyone who visits China when the Chinese Lunar New Year is lasting on.

As we know, the Chinese Lunar New Year is actually the best moment for people worldwide to visit China for getting known about the famous and popular culture of this country. Through amazing Chinese New Year activity in Yangshuo, people including both domestic and foreign tourists are able to taste the famous traditional Chinese foods that originally come from the country itself.

Chinese New Year activity in Yangshuo

During Chinese Lunar New Year celebration, the foods served will be the special ones which have been serving since the past ancient times of Chinese history until now. It can be the perfect moment to taste the best famous traditional foods made by professional experienced native people using the best natural ingredients.

Share the Fortune and Warmth with Family through Chinese New Year Activity

Moreovern it is not only related to taste the traditional foods in New Year celebration, but also there are other various activities you can enjoy, such as watching the amazing fireworks, figuring out your forecast fortune written in Chinese traditional calligraphy on the red paper for New Year, decorating the fortune lanterns, and many others.

In addition, the other famous option of Chinese New Year Activity in Yangshuo is also to take a photo in Chinese traditional coat that provided there with heavenly natural sceneries as the photography background. You can surely capture the best New Year celebration experience in the Zen Garden Resort. It will be the unforgettable moment in your life.