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1 Apr

The Benefits of Trying Zen Tea Culture Tour in Yangshuo

Zen Tea Culture Tour is one of the mandatory things you have to do when you are in Yangshuo and staying at Zen Resort. As you can see, the city is very beautiful with a lot of natural sceneries here and there. There are a lot of fields and plantations, too, in Yangshuo and not all of them are fruits or tangerines in particular.

The Benefits of Trying Zen Tea Culture Tour in Yangshuo

Numerous fields in Yangshuo are grown by tea. The tea plantations there are vast and well-cultured because the area is quite cold and perfect for tea to grow. When you take the Zen Tea Culture Tour, you will be brought from the resort to one of the best tea plantations in the area. It is approximately 45 to 60 minutes away from the resort.

Once you get there, there are many benefits that you can take from visiting the plantation. The first one is that you can get the fresh air from the plantation.

Zen Tea Culture Tour in Yangshuo

There, the weather is cool, too, making you feel so comfortable. Second, you can drink authentic tea made straight away from the plantation. It is so delicious and warm, making everyone wants for some more. Third, there will be tea drinking ceremony, too, there.

You can participate and have the most unique experience that you may not get outside Yangshuo. If you are interested in such an experience, you should make a plan to visit the city and then staying at Zen. The resort is very beautiful with a lot of facilities and activities to offer, including this tea plantation visit.

That is why for those who want to try different experience in visiting Chinese mainland. They can go to Yangshuo and stay at Zen Resort and then try this Zen Tea Culture Tour. They won’t regret it for any reason possible.