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24 Mar

The Best Things to Do for Trip in Yangshuo

The Best Things to Do for Trip in Yangshuo – If you are planning a trip in Yangshuo, you have to make a long list from now on. Yangshuo is one of the best locations in the entire China for vacation. It has numerous attractions for everyone to try and visit. The city is located on the river bank of the infamous Li-River. The scenery around the city is simply beautiful and perfect for sightseeing.

What should you do when you are at Yangshuo? Well, you can do a lot of great things, including visiting magnificent caves, seight-seeing in a rice paddies field, visiting limestone karsts, and many more.

Yangshuo is practically perfect for those who love water-related activity as the Li-River nearby the city will provide a lot of fun activities in the water. They are including kayaking and rafting, too.

Water activity for trip in Yangshuo

Water activity for trip in Yangshuo can also be done in the Moon Water Cave. This is one of the most prominent water caves in the entire country. It has an underground river in the cave and surrounded by eight mountains.

The Best Things to Do for Trip in Yangshuo

The Best Things to Do for Trip in Yangshuo

It also has a beautiful waterfall behind the cave. Basically, you can explore the cave here while enjoying the tranquility of the location. It is perfect for family holiday as they can enjoy fresh air and unforgettable experience in the underground river.

If you do not fancy water activity that much and prefer something else for your trip, you can also try visiting Guilin Butterfly Spring. It is a sanctuary for more than 300 different species of butterfly.

The beautiful flying creature is flying free around the park and you can enjoy looking at them all day long. The park is located atop the hill, making the scenery is simply outstanding. That is why a lot of tourists, particularly the foreign tourists, love visiting this location as it is perfect for your trip in Yangshuo, China.