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5 Aug

The Best Times to Eat Tangyuan Fun in Yangshuo China

Tangyuan Fun is a traditional Chinese dessert. For those who have never heard about this dish, they may think that the dish is a sort of cold, delicious one as it is labeled as “dessert”. However, this dish is quite unique because it is a warm dessert. Yes, the overall taste of the dish is sweet but it is warm like soup. The dessert consists of chewy balls made out of glutinous rice powder and warm ginger broth.

The inside of the balls are traditionally paste made out of black sesame. Even though the dessert is served warm, it tastes so delicious and refreshing. That is why it is perfect to end a meal course.

The best time to eat Tangyuan Fun

When is the best time to eat Tangyuan Fun when you are visiting Yangshuo? There are two annual occasions where the dish is going to be served all across the region and basically everyone is making one at home. The first occasion is during the Lunar New Year.

The Best Times to Eat Tangyuan Fun in Yangshuo China

This is a massive occasion, not only in Yangshuo but also in the entire China, and everyone tends to cook special meals for the day. Of course, there will be this mouth-watering dessert in the table. You can go to restaurants during the Lunar New Year and there will be special dessert of this kind made for you. The second special event where the dessert is something mandatory is during Lantern Festival of the locals call as Yuan Xiao Jie.

This festival is quite a big deal in Yangshuo as there will be lanterns all over the place being lit and placed in the Li River stream. You can find the dessert in every household, every restaurant and every resort during this time. Everyone will cook special courses of meal for the occasion and they will never forget to include Tangyuan Fun as the traditional dessert there.