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13 Jul

The Must-See Grand Lantern Festival in Yangshuo, China

Lantern Festival has been celebrated in China since 206 BC-24 AD, approximately 2,000 years ago from now. The festival was originated under the reign of Emperor Ming during Eastern Han Dynasty, created in order to give sacrifices to the God who rules the universe.

Emperor Ming of Han, who was a big Buddhism advocate, heard that Buddha monks would light lantern on the 15th day of first month in lunar year. Thus, he ordered officially to people all over the country to hang and display lantern, including in palaces and temples.

The Must-See Grand Lantern Festival in Yangshuo, China

Over the times, the particular Buddhist festival has developed into glorious folk festival. Starts from early morning to late afternoon, there would be exciting parades of dragon and lion-dancing on the streets.

When it comes the evening, people would go out with their family members to light creatively shaped and colorful lanterns, guess the riddles inside the lanterns, and soar Kongming lanterns. Typical Chinese food such as Tangyuan or Yuan Xiao would be served as cultural symbol.

In Yangshuo County, lantern festival is celebrated different

In Yangshuo County, this festival is celebrated slightly different from other areas throughout China. There is a unique tradition to celebrate the festival on Li River at night since 1999. Fishermen would light up and use lantern to catch fish at night, thereby it is well-known as Fishing Lantern Festival or simply as Fishing Festival.

As the fishes are easily attracted by light, fishermen would hang the lanterns on the bamboo crafts and catch them. The festival is held with various art contests, competitions, and firework lighting.

If you are planning to catch the magical night of Lantern Festival in Yangshuo, you’d be able to sense the amazing energy of the crowd and the majestic night view on the Li River. The spectacular show is guaranteed to be a great memorable experience for you.