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26 Mar

The Reasons to Try Li-River Rafting & Kayaking Yangshuo

Li-river rafting & kayaking Yangshuo is the best thing to do when you are in the area. Yangshuo is the city located by the Li River itself. It is rich of cultural attraction and natural beauty all around the area. When you are in the location, you cannot just skip the activities related to the Li River. The river is so beautiful with natural surrounding and its crystal clear water.

The Reasons to Try Li-River Rafting & Kayaking Yangshuo

When you are in Yangshuo, then the first thing to do there is to explore the river. You can do it in several different ways. First of all, of course you can try water rafting. The rafting in Li River is usually done by offering the tourists to get on a bamboo rafting. Yes, it is very much traditional but do not worry as it is 100% safe. It is going to give you the best experience that you won’t forget as you are going to be on a bamboo rafting and drifting along the Li River.

Enjoy Li-river rafting & kayaking Yangshuo

You can enjoy spectacular scenery from Li-river rafting & kayaking Yangshuo. Second, you can try kayaking, too. This method is more private and enjoyable than rafting. If you like to go solo, this is the best way to enjoy the superb surrounding of the river. Most of the kayak providers around the river will give you the best kayak possible.

They are made out of strong and sturdy fiberglass so that it won’t leak and put your life in danger. The reasons to do rafting and kayaking are basically because they are fun and because there are a lot of beautiful view that you can see during the trip. For those who want to try this activity, come straight away to the Li River as they will offer you the best deal for the Li-river rafting & kayaking Yangshuo.