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1 Aug

The Reasons Why Tourists Must Try Chinese Calligraphy Writing

Chinese calligraphy writing is an infamous activity offered to tourists while they are visiting Yangshuo, China. If you think that this activity is boring and very difficult to do, you are incorrect as there are a lot of fun experiences you will gain from doing this activity.

If you are done exploring Yangshuo with its beautiful scenery and tourists destinations, then sit down and take calligraphy class. Why so? First of all, this activity is incredibly relaxing.

You can tell because calligraphy is basically “beautiful writing” so that here in the class you will try to make art instead of just writing something on a paper. The form of art is done by using traditional brush and ink. Every stroke of the brush can produce beautiful shapes on the paper and eventually you will be able to bring home something really beautiful to hang on the wall.

The Reasons Why Tourists Must Try Chinese Calligraphy Writing

This activity is also a great opportunity for you to learn about Chinese traditional arts and its history, too. The teacher and guide in the class will give you the full information about the origin of the the art of calligraphy. It is way back to the Shang dynasty in the 1600 BCE and it has a lot of interesting facts and information there to hear.

Try taking the Chinese calligraphy writing

This is why if the tourists are also interested in cultural richness of Yangshuo, they must try taking the Chinese calligraphy writing. This kind of class is available all around Yangshuo and people at the resort or hotel you are staying will be able to take you there or enroll you to such class.

All you have to do is ask them to do so. By learning this type of art, you will be able to learn a lot more about Chinese culture, particularly those embodied in Chinese calligraphy writing.