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19 Jul

The Secret Buddha Tour and Great Experience of Exploring

The Secret Buddha Tour and Great Experience of Exploring  – Having a holiday is good moment to refresh your mind. There are many destinations to go and it is possible to go abroad. As for good recommendation, Yangshuo Zen Garden and Resort can be picked as the good destination. It is not just simple resort since you are able to find plenty great things about Chinese culture and tradition in this place.

Various activities are offered and The Secret Buddha Tour is one of them. For you who love adventure and want to know some great historical secrets, this is good activity to pick.

Special experience as it is the Secret Buddha Tour

The tour is a part of services and activities to find. Of course, guests will not need to worry about the guides because there are special guides prepared by the resort and there is already transportation to reach the area of the destination. This is going to give special experience as it is the Secret Buddha Tour.

You will find the secrets of Buddha during the trip since one of the main destinations is a hidden temple. In this case, you can pick the half-day or full-day tour. Of course, both of them may have same routes and destinations, but the full-day tour offers more experiences to offer.

The Secret Buddha Tour and Great Experience of Exploring

Actually, the destination is not in the area of Zen Garden. You still have to take taxi with the guides and drive for around an hour to reach the countryside. After that, you will have to take ferry and reach the peninsula then the real adventure starts. People will walk on the ancient path named Dragon back bone.

This is path on the mountain, so it is like a hiking. The route leads to the hidden temple where the secret can be found. There is also traditional village with great traditions and legends. Surely, these will be great experience and there is no regret taking The Secret Buddha Tour.