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13 Jun

The Secret Buddha Tour, Going through Mysterious Old Path

The Secret Buddha Tour, Going through Mysterious Old Path – As an old county with interesting topography, Yangshuo holds mysterious charm which draws people in. Various tours are being offered to help tourists getting to know this region even better. One of the most renowned tours is The Secret Buddha Tour.

This tour is specifically designed for small group (about two to five people). A Yangshuo-native would accompany the group to give indigenous perspective about this county’s people’s traditional way of living. Being with a native also helps ensuring that participants would feel comfortable because the guide knows the ins and outs of Yangshuo.

The Secret Buddha Tour starts at a small town over named Xingping

The tour starts at a small town over named Xingping. Everyone would be geared to see Xingping because it is an ancient village from the kingdom era. The buildings are maintained to be as original as possible and thus creating a different vibe once you are entering the territory.

One nice thing about this town is that, it is quite bustling with energy. There is a local market which sells various things including local produce, Xingping’s cuisines, and even handmade jewelry.

The greatest part of The Secret Buddha Tour has yet to come, though. Tour participants would be brought to walk down an old path named Dragon Backbone.

The Secret Buddha Tour, Going through Mysterious Old Path

This path leads to a Buddha temple located below a mountain. The temple cannot be seen from outside, so the road there is pretty exciting. Legend says this ancient Buddha temple owns some secrets. The local guide would explain those fables during this tour.

This tour ends with relaxing travel to the town with ferry through Li River. After getting off the ferry, participants would be guided to walk through old town before returning back to the accommodation. The Secret Buddha Tour is often said be healing, exciting, and stimulating at the same time. When visiting Yangshuo, this is without doubt a tour one cannot miss.