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13 Aug

The Story Behind Lantern Festival Celebration in Yangshuo

Lantern Festival is traditionally celebrated at 15th day of the first month in Chinese lunar calendar. It marks the end period of Spring Festival or Chinese New Year. The first full moon of the lunar year always shows up on this celebration day. This particular festival remarks the return of spring season and symbolizes family reunion.

During the day, people will go out to fly lanterns and bright drones, having traditional meal while looking at the moon and enjoying gathering time with family members and friends in open space or popular festival spots.

The Lantern Festival now have been developed

Originated from Chinese folklores that combined stories and adjusted with modern customs, the Lantern Festival now have been developed by involving various activities besides the main celebration of soaring the lantern up. As China is rooted from long history and has diverse cultures across the country, the practices and activities may slightly vary regionally.

The Story Behind Lantern Festival Celebration in Yangshuo

People have formed the ritual and invented creative innovations to make the event even more interesting. Some examples of the primary activities are lighting, floating, holding, and flying the lanterns, setting up fireworks, enjoying the bright full moons, answering riddles inside the lanterns, participating in lion or dragon dances, flying drones, eating tangyuan, prayer boats, stilt walking, and many more.

The reason why this festival is able to survive for a long time is because people are passing and adding down many appealing activities into it.

In Yangshuo, you can watch and enjoy the festival in a more unique way. Lantern Festival in Yangshuo is combined with fishing festival, which combines Chinese traditional culture and Yangshuo’s own new customs. It is quiet similar to the typical festival but instead of being held on land, it is held on Li River. People of Yangshuo would boat lanterns to let them sail leisurely and put candles on top of paper boat, which create such a lovely and amazing sight.