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5 May

Things To Do in Biking, Cycling, & Walking Trip in Yangshuo

Biking Trip in Yangshuo – Taking biking, cycling & walking trip in Yangshuo, China is one of the most mandatory activities every tourist will have to do. Visiting China is like a great plan. However, when you prefer to have cultural and tranquil vacation in the country, you should not come to the big cities like in Shanghai or in Beijing. You should come to the countryside or to the cities way from the metropolitan vibes.

Yangshuo is the answer. This city is situated nearby the Li River. It is surrounded by forests and rice fields are still numerous in this area. This is why Yangshuo is perfect to be visited by those who want to see the different side of China, rather than its crowded, sophisticated city. The best way to explore Yangshuo countryside is obviously by taking biking, cycling & walking trip in Yangshuo.

Biking Trip in Yangshuo

The area is still considered rural so that motorized vehicle is not recommended here. Instead, you can enjoy fresh air and authentic experience by walking along the rice field or riding a bicycle through the villages. There are numerous places that you can visit in such a tour, including temples, traditional market, and many more.

Things To Do in Biking, Cycling, & Walking Trip in Yangshuo

When you do agree to take this kind of tour, make sure that you do know how to ride a bike quite well. Also, make sure that you are willing to interact with the locals as a tour like this is going to make you visit them to see their daily activity. It will be fun for sure.

Even when you cannot understand a word they say, there will be tour guide to help you out. They will help translating what the local says and you can have nice time exploring the area. This is why taking biking, cycling & walking trip in Yangshuo should be considered all the time.