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1 Jun

Thrilling and Adventurous Rock Climbing Yangshuo Spots & Destinations

Rock Climbing Yangshuo Spots & Destinations – Every year, a myriad number of climbers are visiting Yangshuo to experience its famous rock-climbing facilities that has revolutionarily developed, all possible due to the unique rock formations and precipitous peaks.

The popularity of rock climbing in China amongst this particular sport’s enthusiasts has been spreading around the globe. In fact, the official announcement of rock-climbing becomes official event for 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games as one of the medal winning categories is made during the largest event of rock climbing in China, which is the Yangshuo’s Wine Bottle Cliff.

However, the recognition and fame owned by rock climbing is more than an impact of Olympic event. The government of Yangshuo has implemented the protection controls to ensure safety for everyone.

Popularity of rock climbing in Yangshuo

There is always something for someone – no matter what level of climber you are, you’d find a suitable sphere for yourself. There are some nice ranges of routes for beginner, from 5.8 to 5.10 routes. There are even more available resources and amenities for professional climbers to discover.

Thrilling and Adventurous Rock Climbing Yangshuo Spots & Destinations

Some of the most famous rock climbing places in the area is Swiss Cheese, Wine Bottle, White Mountain, Moon Hill, and Fuli area. While Swiss Cheese and Wine Bottle are more suitable for beginners, the rest would fit for experienced climbers.

Fuli area, which is developed recently for Rock Climbing Festival in Yangshuo at 2013, has different dozens of routes to deliver the needs and challenge climbers with any skill-levels. The Rock Climbing Festival itself has been held annually since 2008, taking place on weekend anywhere during August to November.

If you are interested to try the venturesome sport yourself, do not hesitate to give a visit to the region. Moreover, if you’re staying at The Zen Garden resort, you can get a chance get service and guide from the 3rd party company of rock climbing  to obtain the best location and activities tailored exclusively for you.