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3 Aug

Vegan Roller Recipe to Try in Yangshuo during Special Occasions

Vegan roller is the best meatless snack you can find in Yangshuo, China. The area is well-known for its culinary richness because there are so many kinds of traditional dishes here, starting from snacks to dessert. However, if you are vegan, there will be quite a difficulty to find something that you may like as most of the dishes in Yangshuo contain meat.

This is why this spring roll-like snack is the perfect opportunity for you to remain vegan while trying Yangshuo’s authentic taste. The snack is actually very easy to make.

Learn how to make the vegan roller snack

You can learn how to make the vegan roller snack by attending kitchen tour or cooking class in the area. You will have to prepare three parts: the wrappers, the fillings and the dipping sauce. The wrappers are usually the thin, paper-like spring roll wrappers. You will have to soak the wrapper in water before using them. The filling is all up to you.

Vegan Roller Recipe to Try in Yangshuo during Special Occasions

Usually, the filling will contain meat. However, as it is vegan, you can go all vegetables and herbs. The dipping sauce is very easy to make as it is basically just mixing soy sauce with herbs and ginger. If you do not want to try this recipe on your own and you want to just eat the snack, do not worry about it because there will be tons of restaurants all across Yangshuo serving this kind of snack.

There are also a lot of opportunities for everyone to try making the snack on their own here. Basically, if you want to eat delicious snack and stay healthy, the best option is surely this spring roll delight. It has the right crunch and delicious taste from the dipping sauce. You have to try eating vegan roller when you are in Yangshuo. It will complete your culinary journey there.