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27 Aug

Warm Christmas Activity Celebration and Tradition in Yangshuo

Warm Christmas Activity Celebration and Tradition in Yangshuo – As how the Christmas goes for the rest of the world, so does it arrive and go at China in festive and delightful ways. It may not be as popular as other Chinese traditional holidays such as Spring Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival.

However, the holiday date of December 25 has taken its special place in the heart of many Chinese. More and more Chinese have observed and celebrated Christmas activity over the past several decades. It is especially true for the younger generations who have tasted or eager to taste touch of Western culture.

Warm Christmas Activity Celebration and Tradition in Yangshuo

The festive atmosphere can be felt in center of town and various public attractions. Malls and restaurant would play Christmas carols through the speakers, while holding Christmas special sales with massive discount for seasonal products and winter clothes. Public square and roadways will be decorated with signature Christmas decorations such as red streamers and twinkling lights. A lot of offices and schools may also be closed during the day.

Interesting types of Christmas activity

Somewhere rather far than the big cities and urban noises in Southern China, is the Yangshuo County that also celebrated Christmas although decidedly in more quiet way. The calm atmosphere felt almost holy with all the bright lights, small and big, glow from the Li River banks and can be seen all the way into the impassable hills and mountains on the west side area of the town.

As Yangshuo has been visited by foreign travelers for decades, it provides a lot of interesting types of Christmas activity. The Christmas celebration tour package in The Zen Garden Resort for example, would bring you on Yangshuo exploration with Santa Claus and decorating Christmas tree back on the hotel. You would be able to enjoy the warm festive décor, appreciating the celebration across the town or inside the resort in inviting environments.