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28 Mar

Watching the Best Lantern Festival in Yangshuo

Watching lantern festival is one of the best things that you would expect to do when you are in China. Indeed, China has a lot of festivals with lantern in it, including the one held in Yangshuo. This city is a beautiful, tranquil city with a lot of cultural attractions. One of the best attractions in Yangshuo related to festival is the one in Moon Hill. Moon Hill is a unique mountain. It is unique because it has the shape of an arch.

The mountain is located in the Yulong River Park. This mountain is often visited by rock climbers, both professional and amateur, who are trying to climb the mountain. However, the most interesting thing in this location happens every autumn. Usually, in August, there will be August Mid-Autumn festival which is essentially a festival for lantern. At the time of the festival, everyone living around the arched mountain will light up traditional lantern in their house.

Best Lantern Festival in Yangshuo

The lantern is made out of grapefruit skin. After the lantern is lit, the locals will bring those lanterns to the slope by the mountain. From there, they will launch the lantern into Li River. Since there are hundreds of lanterns lit together by the locals, the scenery becomes truly unique and beautiful. This festival is often packed with visitors, mainly tourists from outside China.

Watching the Best Lantern Festival in Yangshuo

To enjoy the beautiful festival with ease, you can come to the location as early as possible and find the best spot to watch the lanterns. The festival is not only done by August but also during some special occasions, too, including during the Chinese New Year. For those who want to enjoy the best festival about lantern in the whole China, they should try watching the lantern festival of Moon Hill in Yangshuo and enjoy the experience.