What is Zen?

What Is Zen

Zen (禪 Chán in Chinese) cannot truly be explained in words as it refers to both an experience, and to everything around that experience.

Zen can generally be described as a transformation, a blissful state of being, where one is transcending above the self and experience reality fully. it is the transformation where one enjoys the miracle of creation and the connection with everything around it.

Zen also refers to ones understanding & lifestyle, fueled by moments of deep realization of oneself. Zen is a celebration of the beautiful elements & simple forms of nature, it is the ever changing world around you.

Yangshuo Zen Garden Resort
“Getting into nature and breaking from our normal daily lives, helps us to tap into our own inner zen.”

The concept of physically removing yourself from daily distractions has been the base of many meditative practices for centuries. 

We offer our guests the opportunity to experience the sounds, sights, scents of Yangshuo in a stunning Zen setting, without sacrificing comfort.