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3 Jun

Where and What to Take During the Trip in Yangshuo

Trip in Yangshuo Where and What to Take – Yangshuo nestled two thousand km south away from Beijing, sits peacefully at the Li River banks. It engulfs Chinese classic scenery that often portrayed on beautiful paintings. Karst hills row up, rising from the valleys and seems like marched in layer if viewed from distance.

If you ever took a trip in Yangshuo, you’d definitely be able to enjoy some of the most pristine scenery throughout the China. It is quite a fantastic and exciting experience to a lot of tourists: to be able to encounter untainted countryside scenes after coming across to swarmed big cities.

The trip in Yangshuo started from the West Street

The trip in Yangshuo perhaps mostly started from the West Street, the most famous pathway in the town. It is where east and west collides, the antique pebbled walkway adjoined by modern cafes, and bars alongside the street. You can easily find fast food chain restaurants, Chinese handicraft shops, nightlife facilities and so on.

Where and What to Take During the Trip in Yangshuo

Where and What to Take During the Trip in Yangshuo

While West Street has so much to offer, a lot of people greatly prefer to explore less altered parts of the town. Nature attractions are what appeal most of the tourists here in the first place. Yulong River is deemed as the foremost destination, especially during April to May where the temperature is comfortable and the rain is abundant.

Other famous spots such as Moon Hill, Silver Cave, ancient town, Laozhai Mountain and many more are ready to entertain the visitors.

In conclusion, taking a trip in Yangshuo should be included inside everyone’s bucket list as one of the most famous destinations across China. As the smaller town in the country, it is able to provide distinctive and authentic taste of Chinese charms. Whether you’re going to climbing, biking, hiking, taking river cruise, or just strolling around to explore the local life, you’d be satisfied with what the town has to offer.