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5 Sep

Why Choosing Vegan Roller as Authentic Yangshuo Snack

Why Choosing Vegan Roller as Authentic Yangshuo Snack – Vegan roller is one of many snacks you can find in Yangshuo, China. The country is well-known as the richest place in the world when it comes to culinary diversity. You can literally find every dish in China and taste their delicious flavor. As for this spring roll-like dish, the dish has the word vegan” in it because it contains no meat and it is perfect for everyone trying to be healthier when it comes to what to eat.

Why Choosing Vegan Roller as Authentic Yangshuo Snack-min

Why Choosing Vegan Roller as Authentic Yangshuo Snack-min

Vegan roller is made out of various types of vegetables. They are blanched and wrapped together in a spring roll wrapper. Those vegetables are including carrots, cucumber and bell papers. There are so many reasons why you should choose eating this vegetable snack in Yangshuo. First, this snack is 100% meat free. It is good for those who have been in diet or who have been avoiding meat for medical purposes.

Vegan roller is tasty

Second, this snack is tasty. Even though blanch vegetable sounds plain and non-appetizing; this snack is served along with dipping sauce on the side. The sauce is the source of flavor of the snack as they are salty, sweet and delicious. The sauce is basically made from fish sauce, ginger, and sometimes soy sauce, too. The taste should not be bad in the first place, though, because it is completed by some herbs, too in the rolls. The refreshing taste of mint and basil are so delicious for sure.

Because the snack is really delicious and popular, you won’t find it hard to find them around Yangshuo. Even if you are interested in the process of making them, you can join cooking class or attending the cooking process of the snack in the restaurant. For those who have been looking for healthy snack and try to eat more vegetables, vegan roller is the perfect type of snack to choose.