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17 Jun

Yoga & Fitness Activity Choices in Yangshuo County

Yoga & Fitness Activity Choices in Yangshuo County – Many people say that it is impossible to stay fit during the holiday. People who say that obviously have never visited Yangshuo. Unlike spending holiday lounging around and possibly eating your weight in other places, those who are visiting Yangshuo are expected to be active.

There are plenty yoga & fitness activity choices to do in the countryside. Everyone who has spent time in this town said that they felt rejuvenated and energized after the trip. This spirit carries on after the person returns to daily city life.

Example of yoga & fitness activity choices in Yangshuo

The first example of yoga & fitness activity choices in Yangshuo is rooftop yoga class. It is a small yoga class conducted at the rooftop of high rise building.

From this point, you will be able to see the beautiful view of this mountainous town which is adorned by the infamous Li River. The class is held early in the morning. The air is still fresh, cool, and crisp that anyone would feel refreshed by inhaling it. As the yoga session goes on, the sun would be peeking out and illuminating class participants with warm light.

For those who favor more rigorous fitness program should try rock climbing. Because Yangshuo consists of hills and mountains, this activity is quite popular among tourists.

Yoga & Fitness Activity Choices in Yangshuo County

There is a special area which is designated solely for climbing which caters to varied skill levels named Fuli. Those who are still finding the ropes can visit this area with a local instructor and trying to climb its beginner level spots. That would be a pleasant workout filled with adrenaline rush.

If you are more inclined to exercises that are less challenging than that, biking around the town and nearby areas would be a nice yoga & fitness activity to do. Many bikes are made available for rent at such low price too. Touring with bike allows tourist to enjoy the town’s beauty closely.