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11 Jun

Zen Tea Culture Tour is a Fun Experience for Tea Drinkers

Zen Tea Culture Tour is a Fun Experience for Tea Drinkers – Drinking tea is a prominent part of Chinese culture. The habit of drinking tea is not only found in adults and elderly. Young generation also enjoys drinking tea from time to time. It might be one of the reasons for this country to develop varieties of delicious tea.

The way of drinking tea is also quite special. Those who are planning to visit Yangshuo as an example can join the Zen tea culture tour to get to know more about this cultural aspect. This Southern county should have its own unique approach in tea drinking.

Zen Tea Culture in Yangshuo is different

Zen Tea Culture in Yangshuo is different from tea-themed tour you will get in another region. It is because this small town owns quite large tea plantations area. The plantations are located between mountains, which provide gorgeous green scene.

Participants would be able to see the process of growing tea in real life. During crop season, visitors might see the harvesting stage. The tour is not only about sightseeing but also tasting tea varieties that are produced locally. You can find green tea, oolong tea, black tea, and flower tea concoction during the tour.

Zen Tea Culture Tour is a Fun Experience for Tea Drinkers

While drinking tea, guests can also taste some of the cuisines made by ingredients that are harvested in the region. In the Zen tea culture, participants are going to learn the true Zen Buddhism tea preparation steps.

These steps are performed by a master with decades of expertise in tea making. By following those preparation steps, the flavor of tea is kept at optimum level.

If that is not enough, at the end of Zen tea culture tour, participants can purchase tea bags and tea making equipment to be brought home.

These would be a great gift for beloved people back at home. It also gives you chance to practice the tea making steps taught during the tour that will introduce Zen mode of living to daily urban life.